Friday, September 30, 2016

A month of Back to School with Art Journal Journey

Many of my art friends share their books by taking a side view once they are finished.  This book is not finished, but it is the end of the month, so I need to wrap up by showing what I've accomplished this month.

This book measures 8.5 X 11 inches or 21,59 X 27,94 centimeters.

It looks much better scanned (front

and back) than photographed,

mainly because it refuses to lie flat,

even though this was the flattest book I've ever worked in.

It won't lie flat in this position, either.

So I'll just take a few step out photos and let you peruse them at your own speed.

And finally a few step out photos of the back side.

Now that you've perused the cover, both front and back, let's review the inside.

Please double click for a larger view of these mosaics.
Unfortunately, the software program I chose, Big Huge Labs allows no more than 36 photos in one mosaic,

which meant I had to create two mosaics to show all the pieces I created this month.

I realize this theme wasn't as wildly popular as some have been in the past, but Bleubeard and I greatly appreciate the spreads each artist created this month.  I am honored that you took time to share your ideas of what Back to School meant to you, and how it brought back so many memories to those of us who created the art, as well as those who viewed it.

Bleubeard and I thank you (including especially Susi and Valerie) from the bottom of our hearts for this month and look forward to learning what the next chapter holds for Art Journal Journey.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

From the classroom to the playground

Welcome to my final Art Journal Journey journal entry.  Tomorrow I will show you the cover I created for this Back to School Journal.

Today we are starting in the classroom, then will move to the playground.

Sometimes the lines get blurred between play and learning, especially for the younger children.  However, in this classroom, the teachers have brought out toys that teach.

Music, math, painting, and book reading are all part of the classroom.

This little girl loves school.  She could be me, but I never wore glasses.

Being able to recite the ABCs was an important first lesson, as were drills, like fire drills.  These children have other drills they are performing.

Then there are the Teacher Resources, important for every instructor.  All of these are very important in the classroom.

Materials used include a standardized test for students as my background, a portion of G45 scrapbook paper from their ABC collection, two flash cards, music washi tape, a pink punched music note, two cards from a same/different game, two images from magazines, part of a file folder from a former teacher, and a strip of the alphabet.

Now let's head to the playground, where fun abounds.

We'll play on the slipper slide and swing on swings.  We'll even skip rope.  We may need a bandage or two in case we fall down.

Did you know that hop scotch is played the world over, but the general layouts differ depending on the country you live in.  This is a British layout, and is aptly called Plum Pudding.

We might even find a maze if our playground is large enough.

Regardless, we'll run and jump, chase each other,

and have lots of fun during play time.  On the other hand, some of us will create a bit of mischief.

For this side, I started with a maze that mostly got covered, another piece of G45 paper, also from the ABC collection, a same/different card, an image of British hop scotch found on the internet, a bandage, a punched bird, two magazine images, and a hand painted and stamped background I used as a matte.

Thank you for the chance to share this final journal entry with you for my Back to School month at Art Journal Journey.  I've had so much fun seeing how each person interpreted this theme, and I've learned a lot about different school systems, too.   I've even drug up some long forgotten memories.   It's been a genuine honor for Bleubeard and me to be your hosts during September.

But it's not over yet!  You still have time to join us as we head back to school, and I share my journal's cover tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Be True To Your School (for AJJ)

I have three Art Journal Journey entries today and a tale to tell about the second entry.

I am proud of both my undergrad and final university I attended.  I spent so little time at the university where I got my master's degree, I barely remember it.

As long time readers and followers know, I got my Ph.D. at Wichita State University, where the mascot is a shock of wheat.

I found this information in my alumni magazine.  The tags were given to me by my friend Kathy.  They are supposed to go on gifts, but I thought this was a better an acceptable use for them.

Everyone knows I'm not a doodler, so this was a big and rather stressful thing for me.  But I persevered, took lots of breaks to rest my hand, and finished it in the end.  Of course that last letter looked like I was really ready for the project to be over.

As I previously explained, the images came from my alumni magazine, the tags were gifts, the background was black construction paper, and the words were created by my crippled fingers.

However, I actually wanted to use this as a segway to my next entry.  Long time readers and followers are aware I'm really into altered books.  I spent an entire afternoon in late May prepping a new book that I planned to use for my September entries.  In case you aren't familiar with how I accomplish this, you can find it in my second altered book lesson on my right sidebar.  Basically, I remove no more than 3-4 pages at a time then leave at least 10-12 pages before removing more.  I do this in each and every signature. 

More recent visitors, readers, and followers will remember I had a flood this summer in my basement.   When I got tired of breathing mold in my basement, I decided to work on the Back to School theme.  However, I could no longer find the book I had started nearly a month earlier.  So I cleaned up my craft room, my office, and assembled salvageable papers, then recycled, and trashed bags and bags of unusable or unwanted paper products.  Of course, the book was nowhere.

Two days ago I was in the craft room putting some flowers in a book I use as a flower press.   Under that book was the one I had looked so hard for for over a month.  So I give you this one and only spread that is in that book.

"Old School" and

"Older School."

For both pages, I began with black paint.  When dry, I cut the images from a book I had been given.  I punched circles from dictionary pages, then added stick-on letters to each circle.

While I was in this be-true-to-my-black-and-yellow school mood,

I found another image from another of my alumni magazines.  I think you can read the words and see the single image which was torn from the magazine.  Yes, this is one of the old buildings on Wichita State campus.  It is being repurposed and will no longer hold classes.

Bleubeard and I are so glad you stopped by and stayed to read about my lost book.  We also hope you enjoy these pages I created for Art Journal Journey where the theme for September is Back to School.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yearbook memories

Today we're looking at yearbook memories and how those emotions can come running back when we see photos of old friends long forgotten or ones we've lost contact with.

This boy is a bit young to be reminiscing over old yearbooks, because the nostalgia will grow as time wears on.

Lots of memories in this old yearbook, where I began with a sheet of red copier/printer paper, then laid a sheet of painted deli paper on top.  Next, I cut an image from a magazine and the image of a boy from a gifted child's book page to which I added a leftover piece of red paper I wrote the sentiment on.

Bleubeard, my fearless and welcoming co-host and I are delighted you stopped by and invite you to join us at Art Journal Journey where the theme this month is Back to School.   You still have time to join in on the fun.